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Podcast 4: The future of Data Science and Automation in the Energy Sector with Dr.Fred Aminzadeh

This podcast discusses current advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Analytics (DA) with a focus on future trends of AI-DA in the energy industry. Several AI-DA applications in petroleum engineering and geosciences that are expected to be transformative will be highlighted. A parallel between advances made in the exploitation of shale resources over the last 10-20 years and what AI-DA promises to deliver over the next 10-20 years will be drawn. We will touch on the differences between AI, ML, and DL as well as the related algorithms such as CNN and RNN. We will also discuss Natural Language Processing or NLP and highlight one of its applications is predictive maintenance of oil pumps. Dr. Aminzadeh will discuss AIM-DEEP that he started at the University of Houston. AIM-DEEP is an industry-supported multi-disciplinary program. The goal of AIM-DEEP is to become a catalyst by bringing the oil and gas operators, service companies, high-tech data and computer companies, small start-ups, and of course academia together. nature and its focus on the academic and industry alliance, complemented by government funding. He will also give us his insight on the topic of BIG Data and the SURE challenge as well as the high-performance computing requirements of oil and gas applications. We will conclude with the potential impact of the rapid growth of AI-DA in the oil and gas job market and some advice to the new generation of petroleum engineers and geoscientists entering the industry.

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