AIM-DEEP is expected to emerge as a unique platform to help speed up the infusion of Artificial Intelligence, (AI) Machine Learning and Data Analytics (DA) concepts into the energy exploration and production arena. AIM-DEEP will accomplish this by bringing oil and gas operators, service companies, high-tech/computer/data science companies, and academia together. We want to benefit from various ongoing research on AI, not only in different departments at UH but also those of many other academic and research partners of AIM-DEEP. It will serve as a catalyst to break down the discipline and organization boundaries as well as bringing the industry and academia closer to each other. This will allow all involved to keep pace with the fast-evolving AI-DA technologies.

AIM-DEEP is not yet another university consortium. It involves a “BASE membership,” with the research and application topics prioritized by BASE member sponsors. The results of efforts of AIM-DEEP-Base will be made available to all Base members. We also offer Individually Sponsored Projects or ISP membership. ISP involves a single or small subset of BASE member sponsors with a separate arrangement with more comprehensive effort. ISP member company (ies) would choose a particular focus area of their interest to work with us. We would honor their desire for data confidentiality and exclusive access to the results. Under each AIM-DEEP-ISP membership.