This Month’s Events

AIM-DEEP Seminar Series: Applied Transfer Learning for Production Forecasting in Shale Reservoirs

Dr. Uchenna Odi of Aramco America will give a seminar about Transfer Learning for Shale Reservoirs on Monday, 20th of September. For more information and registration please click here!

You can download presentation file from here! and watch the seminar below.

WEBINAR:  Webinar: Accelerating HPC, Machine Learning and Quantum Simulated Annealing with Vector Engine Accelerator

NEC is one of our vendor partners. We would like to invite those who have interest, to the webinar that will held on Wednesday, 22 th of September. For more information and registration, please click here!

September 20

Applied Transfer Learning For Production Forecasting In Shale Reservoirs

Uchenna Odi - Aramco America
October 18Machine Learning And 4D Seismic For Carbon SequestrationAlireza Shahin - AIM-Deep
November 16Vector Machines For Compute And Memory Intensive E&P Applications: Imaging, Reservoir Simulation, AiIkuta Masashi - NEC Corporation / AIM-DEEP Vendor Partner
December 19Dynamic Stimulate Reservoir Volume (Srv) Prediction Using Machine LearningAli Rezaei - AIM-DEEP (now Schlumberger)
January 17Integration Of Geomechanics And Micro Seismic Data For Geothermal MonitoringHamed Soroush - Petrolern
February 21Machine Learning For Geoscience DataNanne Hemstra - dGB Earth Sciences / AIM-DEEP Vendor Partner
March 21An Industry Perspective Of   Machine Learning For E&P ApplicationsReza Rastegar - Occidental Petroleum
April 18National Laboratory Energy Data BaseKelly Rose – NETL / AIM-DEEP Advisory Board
May 16Automatic Generation Of Digital Twins For Energy ApplicationsHector Klie - DeepCast AI / AIM-DEEP Vendor Partner
June 20Environment, Social And Governance (ESG) And Sustainability For Energy: Trends And ChallengesMaria Angela – Capello / AIM-DEEP
July 18TBD
August 15TBD